Solutions for battery storage from kWh to MWh

Our intelligent solutions for battery storage enable simple, flexible, manufacturer-independent integration of battery and hybrid storage systems into your energy projects. Whether you want to implement a storage system with a few kWh or a large-scale storage system with several MWh, we have the right solution.

Solution description

The battery controller for energy projects

With our plug-and-play solution for battery storage, up to 5 battery systems from different manufacturers can be connected to a virtual battery. Our unique smart1 Multi-Use Battery Controller adapts to the requirements of your project and enables a wide range of control strategies. From self-consumption optimisation to peak shaving and seasonal SOC sharing, the system covers almost every application easily and without much configuration effort.

That is the battery controller

The smart1 battery controller is a manufacturer-independent control solution for battery and hybrid storage systems. Each controller can control and monitor up to 5 storage systems of any size. In addition, the battery controller combines these storage systems into one large virtual battery, making it the only system on the market that offers an easy-to-use, multi-vendor cluster solution that covers almost any application.

The system can be expanded to up to 25 storage systems by cascading and thus also enables use in large-scale storage projects.

That is how the battery controller works

The smart1 battery controller has the most comprehensive integration of battery storage systems and hybrid storage systems on the market and communicates directly with your battery storage units via the integrated interfaces. Each storage unit is controlled individually and can be integrated into the overall control strategy via the unique multi-use battery controller. The controller also directly records the measured values of the grid connection, so that additional measurements of the battery systems are unnecessary in most cases.

In addition, the battery storage system can be seamlessly integrated with generation plants and electromobility into the overall energy concept.

This is the unique smart1 Multi-Use Battery Controller

Our unique smart1 multi-use battery controller can implement a variety of control strategies. These include, among others:

  • Self-consumption optimisation
  • Peak Shaving
  • Season and weekend-dependent operating mode changes
  • SOC sharing for mixed operation modes
  • Backup supply for emergency power

Through simple configuration, the parameterisation of the control strategy is completed in a very short time.

Of course, the multi-use controller also takes into account the grid operator’s requirements for the battery storage system and already offers a range of interfaces for grid integration.

Manufacturer-independent – also for hybrid systems

Supporting battery and hybrid storage systems from almost all major manufacturers, you have never had more choices for your energy projects than with our battery controller. Our unique system also allows you to mix emergency and non-emergency battery systems from different manufacturers.

All requirements and standards under control

Thanks to the extensive control functions of our unique smart1 Multi Use battery controller in combination with the comprehensive interfaces for grid integration, you can also implement complex projects with our solutions.

Due to the compatibility of the battery controller with our smart1 EZA controllers, projects in the VDE-4110 are also no problem.

Endless possibilities

Expand your battery system with charging infrastructure, photovoltaics, heat pumps and much more through plug-and-play coupling with other smart1 EASY products.

Portal, monitoring, remote maintenance

The smart1 Monitoring Portal offers extensive reporting, analysis and management options. At the same time, our smart1 Cloud enables remote maintenance and remote configuration for the smooth support and management of your systems via our own state-of-the-art data centre.

Product presentation

Battery control cabinet plug-and-play

Our plug-and-play battery control cabinets are available in various designs and contain all components and interfaces required for the smooth operation and maintenance of battery storage systems. They are designed to be installed and commissioned in the shortest possible time and form the heart of your energy project.

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The most extensive compatibility on the market

Our battery controller is compatible with battery storage systems and hybrid storage systems from all major manufacturers. Experience the freest choice of components through our more than 10 years of development in the energy management field.

If your storage is not compatible with our system, please feel free to contact us.


Our EASY Battery solution is versatile!

Contact us today and ask for a customised offer for your energy management system.

    Endless possibilities

    Our EASY plug-and-play EMS portfolio interlocks seamlessly. The overarching EMS for companies can be expanded with our EASY plug-and-play Electromobility, EASY plug-and-play Battery Storage and EZA Controller solutions.

    Energy management
    for companies

    Optimise your operation: Monitor and control your generation plants. Use up to 25 battery storage units and control up to 180 charging points or optimise your heating systems!


    Discover our all-in-one solutions for dynamic load management and control of up to 180 manufacturer-independent AC and DC charging points. Our unique real-time control makes this possible!

    System control
    for PV and battery

    Our certified VDE4110 EZA controller for photovoltaics and battery storage is designed as an all-in-one solution. It includes all EVU interfaces for easy grid integration.

    Energy management
    for home applications

    Our EASY HOME enables smart energy management. It can be used flexibly and can be seamlessly combined with PV systems, charging infrastructure or storage units.